Silhouette  Security  Signs             STOP BURGLARS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS   
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 Silhouette Security Signs
Silhouette Security Signs are an exact replication of the standard twenty five yard B-34 buff colored police silhouette targets used at shooting ranges, with the exception of the 50 bullet holes and the message. The signs are the actual size of a silhouette target which is approximately 15" X 24". They come in 4 colors and a choice of 5 different warning and message labels. (Please see display box choices to the right.) One label is left blank so you can write your own message with a felt tip marker, allowing you to change the message as often as you like.  A "permanent" marker may be used since the ink can easily be removed by any common household solvent, like lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol or finger nail polish remover. Solvent will not harm the sign's surface.

     The Silhouette Security Signs are weatherproof and can be attached to any surface outdoors. 
     They are encased and sealed in a heavy thick plastic laminate. 


       Included with each sign are free adhesive backed 'hook & loop' dots for installation.
      Adhesive backed 'hook & loop' dots are recommended because they attach to any surface and are        
      very easy to use.  Attach one dot in each corner, one dot in the middle of the top and bottom and 
      three more dots equally spaced along each side.  Please see diagram below.

      If you choose to use another method, depending on the mounting surface, your Silhouette Security
     Sign may be attached using one of the following: Staples, Nails, Tacks, Screws, Masonry Screws or         Anchors, Glue, Glue Dots, Silicone or Construction Adhesive.

  Enter To Win

      Do you have a good idea for a message label? Be the first to suggest a message used on a future  
      Silhouette Security Sign and receive a free 4-color set of signs with your choice of messages. 
      Please email your suggestions to